A One-Day, European Industry-Led Conference & Networking Exhibition, London, 21 September 2023

Stand-Out With Impactful, Data-Led & Customer-Focused Social & Digital Travel Marketing Strategies:

Engaging, Social, Multi-Platform & Digital Travel Marketing Strategies

Power Success With Social Media Trends & Innovations, Stand-Out With Interactive Content, Drive Loyalty & Conversions, Maximise Data-Driven Insights & Campaigns, Leverage Innovative Tech, Automation & AI, Customers Behaviours, Trends & Insights, Digital Customer Experiences, Influencers, Impactful Video Marketing & Engagement, Sustainability & Future Proofing In Economic Crises

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Chris Bowling, Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, BWH Hotel Group GB

Social Media Engagement - Trends & Innovations



09.20 Showcase Success On Social! Capitalise On The Latest Travel Trends, Insights, Channels & Content On Social To Drive Reach, Power Engagement & Sky-Rocket Sales 

  • How can you leverage the different tools social media offers today? Stay ahead of the game by determining the best-performing channels and content to invest in to prove social ROI.
  • Paid vs. organic: as the focus shifts to authentic, user-generated, low-production content, uncover best-in-class insights around the latest social innovations and personalisation strategies guaranteed to supercharge your conversion rates.
  • With TikTok increasingly becoming a search engine of choice, go beyond using the platform for pure brand engagement to actually driving purchasing action.
  • Different channels for different demographics! Tap into the affluent, older audience and pinpoint their key drivers to ensure attribution of wider-reaching marketing strategies and ensure you’re hitting each and every possible target consumer.

Ayoub El Mamoun, Senior Global Social Media Manager, Skyscanner

Steven Lynch, Head of Digital Marketing, Parkdean Resorts

Driving Loyalty & Conversions

              Reignite & Re-Engage

09.50 Cut-Through A Highly-Competitive Market To Secure Sky-High Conversions & Cement Unshakable Loyalty To Your Brand With Tailored, Personalised & Winning Customer-Focused Digital Travel Strategies 

  • Implement seamless digital travel marketing strategies which exceed customer expectations and successfully convert online traffic into bookings.
  • Personalisation = profit? Continue to recover and secure customer loyalty and retention with tailored, timely and targeted digital marketing which is guaranteed to capture customer attention.
  • How can you best spread your budget across multiple touchpoints to drive winning, attributable conversions that maximise bottom-line results?
  • Listen to your customers! Fully leverage customer feedback alongside predictive forecasting based on your consumer’s online behaviours to make strategic changes to products and services which customers remain loyal to.

Bas Lemmens, President, EMEA, HotelPlanner.com

Stand-Out Content

                Content Is Still King

10.10 Secure Winning Conversions, Influence Purchasing Decisions, Target Consumers & Sky-Rocket Engagement With Stand-Out & High-Impact Content Which Really Boosts Commerciality 

  • How can travel brands create effective content with the right tone and message which resonates with consumers and supercharges conversions?
  • Rooftop bars, enticing cocktails, infinity pools… with thousands of other brands producing identical digital content, how can you define your USP to differentiate and stand out against increasing competition?
  • Implement blogs into your website and social channels as another form of creating interactive brand content which boosts conversions and champions SEO.

10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Data-Driven Insights & Campaigns

          Measurement & Attribution

11.30 Attribute Performance & Prove Impact & ROI By Effectively Leveraging Data Analytics, Measurement Tools & Metrics To Boost Customer Loyalty & Retention 

  • Is there a smarter way to attribute? Optimise data strategies to decipher where your travel brand should be investing within the customer funnel in order to continue to prove value and ROI.
  • Get the most out of your data and stay ahead of the curve by deep diving into your SEO problematics to help make your website pop and reinforce brand awareness.
  • Explore new and emerging data tools and metrics which can help you understand the reasons for customers abandoning their journey mid-purchase, and how you can utilise findings to synergise your digital content strategies to encourage increased conversion rates.
  • Fuel data-driven customer strategies to deliver exactly what your consumers expect from your travel brand today in order to ensure seamless and improved customer experiences across channels.

Felix Kraemer, Head of Data & Analytics, H-Hotels.com

Innovative Tech, Automation & AI

                Double Perspective

11.50 With ChatGPT Leading The Way, Cut-Through The Competition By Capitalising On The Latest AI, ML & Technologies Set To Disrupt The Digital Travel Landscape Next 

  • Will ChatGPT take my job? Quash scaremongering and explore how AI can work alongside digital marketeers to produce innovative and personalised content which aligns and reinforces your digital marketing content effectively to boost profits.
  • Examine how AI is changing the way consumers browse online to get ahead of the curve, future-proof your attribution and power your brand image.
  • What are the latest innovations and technologies you need to be investing in today in order to allow you to free up time and resources with streamlined digital marketing messaging?

11.50 Abhishek Choudhary, Senior Product Manager, Booking.com

12.10 Adrian Bingham, Head of Customer Contact & Data Integration, Leonardo Hotels UK & Ireland (Jurys Inn)

Digital Customer-Centric Customer Experiences

12.30 Reignite Consumer Confidence & Rebuild Brand Loyalty With Customer-Centric Digital Travel Marketing Strategies Which Position Exceptional Customer Experiences At The Heart 

  • Explore how you can simplify your digital CX and online platforms to ensure customers can find what they’re looking for and don’t drop off your site before purchase.
  • Health check your website has a streamlined, navigable layout which satisfies consumer’s need for ease of use and creates simpler attribution touchpoints.
  • Utilise data to deliver personalised customer experiences and drive loyalty to your brand to influence, inspire and encourage more bookings.
  • Outside of the box thinking: examine innovative CX ideas, insights and attributable changes which could satisfy consumer expectations and deliver improved ROI.
  • Examine the role of digital in CX today and brainstorm how destination marketing can include digital more in their spheres and strategies.

Adrian Harris, Head of Digital & Content, VisitBritain

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13.20 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Multichannel Success & Platform ROI

Joost van der Sande, Retail Strategy Director, Air France-KLM

      2. Cost of Living

      3. Mobile Apps

      4. Digital Disruptors

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Beth Murrell, Director, Digital Field Marketing – UKI & The Nordics, Marriott International

Customer Behaviours, Trends & Insights

               Double Perspective

14.00 Drive & Deliver Revenue Targets By Capitalising On The Hottest Customer Trends & Insights In Travel Today & The Latest Consumer Digital Behaviours To Sky-Rocket Online Traffic & Sales 

  • From jetsetters to staycationers, and bargain hunters to bucket list seekers… what are the real consumer drivers for travel today, and how can travel brands keep up with changing consumer behaviours to achieve optimum engagement and impact?
  • Where should you be investing in the customer funnel today? Utilise consumer data and metrics to determine how you can update and adapt your travel brand strategies for ROI and long-term success.
  • What’s shifting the needle from a travel marketing perspective? Ensure your digital messaging is hitting the mark with what your customers actually want to see in order to convert browsing traffic into bookings.
  • Maximise consumer trends on social from Instagram to TikTok to determine what content performs best across platforms and translate findings into new and improved digital strategies to power loyalty.

Liam Branaghan, Performance Marketing Lead (Delivery, EMEA), Uber

René Frey, CEO, Insight Guides & Rough Guides

Ben McNally, Director of Sales Marketing, Aimbridge Hospitality

Lottie Norman, VP Marketing, Digital Engagement & Innovation, TTC Tour Brands

Hannah Harman, Senior Marketing Manager, Travelzoo

Eva Kwiecinska, Senior Marketing Manager, VisitScotland

Influencers: Building A Powerful Marketing Strategy

14.30 Are Influencers The Key To Driving Reach & Boosting Profit? Explore How To Best Manage Influencer Partnerships & Ensure The Relationship Is Mutually-Beneficial Whilst Proving ROI 

  • With consumers wanting the inside track of all potential destinations before visiting, establish how influencers could invite the next tourists to your destinations on offer, and how you best utilise the brand-influencer relationships to work effectively for you.
  • Fantasy vs reality: explore how digital travel marketers can best work with influencers to showcase authentic content which generates customer loyalty and boosted conversions.
  • Leverage influencer’s reach to scratch your audience’s itch of pent-up demand to travel to deliver engaging, personalised visual content which translates browsing into purchasing action.

14.30 Cian McDonagh, Director of Digital Strategy & Marketing, MHL Hotel Collection

14.50 Cecilia Giraud, Director, Content Marketing EMEA, Marriott International

15.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Impactful Video Marketing

                                                     Double Perspective

16.10 Execute Inspiring & Trailblazing Video Content Which Adds Value To Your Travel Brand & Drives Awareness Across Customer Touchpoints For Real & Improved Attribution Rates 

  • Capture the essence of your brand with impactful video storytelling which captivates audiences and optimises your SEO to make your product and services fly straight to the top of your consumer’s bucket lists.
  • How can you personalise video and maximise the right tools to produce content that is both scalable and manageable on an ongoing basis to continually increase brand awareness and impact?
  • Video is now a key driver behind travellers’ decision making and online destination journey finding, generate effective video marketing with ground-breaking strategies to gain a competitive edge.
  • With video the central aspect of Gen-Z’s digital destination journey, what are the best strategies for creating simple, effective content that has clear rates of attribution?

16.10 Rebecca Williams, Head of Product Photo & Video, TUI

16.30 Gerardo Grasso, Senior Manager, DFM Southern Europe, Marriott International

Robust & Fit-For-Future Digital Travel

                                                     Delegate Discussion

16.50 Staycations Vs. Jetsetting? Downgrading On Luxury? Shorter Family Holidays? With The Cost-Of-Living Crisis More Pertinent Than Ever, Establish How To Effectively Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategies To Exceed Customer Expectations & Drive ROI 

  • As consumers battle the urge to travel with stretched household budgets, how can you effectively target customers with destinations and deals too good to miss?
  • What lessons can digital travel marketers continue to learn from the past few years of disruption and change to strategically improve their products and services in order to build robust digital marketing strategies fit for the future?
  • As travel continues to bounce back and rebuild, ensure you are catering for all customers with flexible, tailored and personalised packages which do not isolate cautious travellers in order to maximise loyalty and sales. 


                                           Satisfy Consumer Expectations

17.10 Deliver Authentic Digital Travel Marketing Which Cuts Through The Noise & Satisfies Consumer Expectations On Sustainability In Order To Commit To A Better Future 

  • What is the latest tone of sustainability messaging and how should travel companies adapt their marketing strategies to avoid being accused of greenwashing and risking reputational damage?
  • Customers can see right through if you are being disingenuous! Establish authentic sustainability strategies which resonate with consumers and has a proven positive impact on both the planet and your profits.
  • As customers are increasingly choosing brands on the grounds of their sustainability commitments and promises, ensure you stand out from competition by delivering packages which boast authenticity.

Simon Llanos, CMO, Contiki

17.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference