Global Insight Conferences Are Different. They Deliver. They Are Personal.

Our mission is to create a conference experience which is personal, which breathes quality and which represents absolute value for time and money.

Our mantra is quality.

Quality is our aim in every aspect of our work. From the very conception of the conference topic, through to the event programme development, to the choice of speaker, to the integrated marketing campaign, to the post-booking personal consultations, to the seamless running on the day, quality is at the very heart of our working practices. We aim to be the best every day. Competition is fierce and we stand out from the crowd due to our attention to detail, our care and concern for all of our delegates, speakers and event partners and our outstanding products that deliver time and time again.

Our differentiator is having that personal touch.
Global Insight Conferences is a highly-dedicated team of conference professionals who want to create an experience that is different to the norm. We reject the ‘churn and burn’ mentality and we will strive to engage with you on a personal level, whether you are a delegate, an event partner or a speaker. Everyone who participates in the conference is vital to the success of the conference in their own way and so we will endeavour to create a personal agenda, an exclusive set of targets, an individual briefing or a one-on-one training session as needed. Whatever the individual objective, our aim is to meet it. Our research processes are exhaustive.
For each conference, we undertake rigorous research and contact an extensive array of industry experts. We strive to address the hottest topics at the right time and to answer the questions and issues our delegates themselves have told us they want explored, not what we think they might need. Agenda-setting and vague discussions about the future are not our focus. Instead, we concentrate on the here and now and on the issues keeping our delegates awake at night. We are passionate about research and about presenting solutions to the day-to-day business-critical issues facing us all. Our marketing campaigns are highly targeted.
Being independent, we are not tied to any particular company or brand and therefore have the freedom to work with the most appropriate media partners, magazines, websites and event partners, as well as focussing on specific and targeted data builds in order to get the conference message to the right people at the right time. Our integrated campaigns are both creative and quantifiable. Our conferences are seamless.
Delivering a smooth live event is a challenge we thrive on. Years of experience have taught us that creating a relaxed and professional atmosphere on the day allows delegates, event partners and speakers to focus on content, learning and networking. The rest is up to us. Our event partners are a top priority.

We work closely with each event partner to ensure that the experience on the day is tailored to their individual lead generation, brand alignment or product objectives. We understand that achieving and demonstrating a great return on investment is your objective and as such, is also ours.

Our conscience is clear.
Environmental concerns are at the forefront of our mind when we work with our suppliers; be they the venues we work at, the caterers we use, the printing processes we use, the travel arrangements we make. For more information see Global Insight Conferences’ corporate responsibility and sustainability polices and ethics. Your time is precious. Your needs are individual.
Our format is innovative. Our passion is meeting your personal objectives.

What distinguishes a Global Insight Conferences’ event from other conferences?

1. One day only for a time- and cost-efficient format
2. 20+ case studies get straight to the point
3. Excellent quality of research for programme sessions taken directly from the target audience
4. Our personalised approach, personalised agendas, targets and action points tailored for each individual
5. Troubleshooting Clinics: Bespoke and confidential one-to-one appointments
6. Networking made easy through facilitation
7. Speakers briefed and trained individually for maximum impact
8. Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchanges, pooling the combined knowledge in the room
9. Interactive and participatory agendas for real world application (and interest!)
10. Practitioner-recommended, carefully-vetted speaker faculty

1. One day only for a fast-moving, time- and cost-efficient format:

We will not stretch out the event for the sake of it and so waste your time. Why? We want you to come back time and time again. Short, sharp, targeted learning is our goal.

2. 20+ studies get straight to the point:

Studies have shown that attention spans wane during long presentations and so we reduce the time speakers appear on the platform.

3. Excellent quality of research for programme sessions taken directly from the target audience:

We take our research seriously as it is the secret to our success. Our programmes are formulated through hours of face-to-face and direct contact with large samples of the intended target audience and end-users themselves. We ask you what you need to know about and what your hot topics are, what exactly you need to know about them in practice and then we turn those needs into the programme sessions and bullet points the speakers must address.

4. Conferences just got personal! Personalised agendas, targets and action points:

5. Troubleshooting Clinics tailored for you and confidential one-to-one appointments:

One size does not fit all and our experts are on hand to address your agenda, not their own. Tap into the free advice and expertise on offer to strike right at the core of your current business challenges.

6. Networking made easy through facilitation:

Working the room is easier said than done and we recognise that formalised and facilitated networking through interactive programmes make for the best contacts and introductions. We have developed and tested many new ways to facilitate networking and all of these techniques demonstrably help make ties, create discussion points and, ultimately, make that initial contact. Our conference days are full of opportunities to reach out and make new contacts in easy and non-threatening ways.

7. Speakers briefed and trained individually for maximum impact:

8. Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchange, pooling the combined knowledge in the room:

9. Interactive and participatory for real world application (and interest!):

10. Practitioner-recommended, carefully-vetted speaker faculty:

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