Generate Engagement, Improve Resiliency & Increase Profitability

The Latest Digital, Tech & Social Media Innovations In Travel Marketing

26th September 2024 | Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jörg Malang, SVP Customer Experience & Omnichannel, DERTOUR Group

Julian Darisse, Brand Experience, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, Accor Group


09.20 Digital Travel Marketing Strategy Design: Prepare, Protect & Future-Proof Your Brand With Agile Revenue-Boosting Strategies That Capitalise On Every Opportunity & Safeguard Against Future Uncertainty

  • Rise above adversity and build resilience into your travel marketing: inspiring tales of brands finding a way to thrive and drive revenue during constant change and challenges
  • Setting a course for a robust, agile travel digital marketing strategy to maximise revenue for 2025 and beyond: what has to be front and centre in decision-making processes and goal setting?
  • Igniting innovation! Transform your product portfolio with dynamic offerings and captivating bundles that not only set your brand apart but also leave an indelible mark on your customers, driving unparalleled loyalty and engagement
  • Generate your own demand: build a strong, core marketing team with the very latest digital capabilities, ready for organisational agility and new channel management, striking the perfect balance as you navigate the choppy waters of being in the travel business
  • Calculate when to strategically partner with OTAs to drive demand and overall revenue vs the overall push for digital campaigns to drive direct bookings and reduce commission spend
  • Smarter marketing: capitalise on data, new tech and AI to reduce travel marketing spend and increase overall attributable ROI

Fabio Bin, Co-Founder & CMO, WeRoad


Panel Q&A

09.40 Insights Into Real-Life Travel Applications For The Full Range Of AI Capabilities To Drive Efficiency, Streamline Operations Internally & Elevate Customer Experience

  • Welcome to the future of travel marketing! Beyond generative content to AR, CGI, customer targeting and data processing, product redesign, customer journey improvement, ML and more… navigating the inevitability of AI and unleashing its full potential for transformative results
  • Keeping the balance – infusing  technology to enhance processes and customer journeys while preserving the human aspect of marketing
  • Out with the old, in with the new – exploring how AI is reshaping the travel marketing and sales landscape and overcoming risks to pave the way for innovation and evolution
  • Stairway to success: understanding the dynamic landscape of AI adoption, recognising both the opportunities and challenges in its integration
  • So what? How can we tangibly implement AI in a way that makes sense to our customers and consumers and increase revenue generation in the hospitality industry?


Frans Leenaars, Group Director Customer Experience, TUI

Tim Hentschel, Co-founder & CEO, HotelPlanner

David Lee, Director of Innovation & Growth, Holiday Extras

Lottie Norman, Chief Marketing Officer, The Travel Corporation (TTC) Tour Brands

Oliver Gunning, Chief Marketing Officer, Your Golf Travel

Susanna Mander, Global Director of Brand Marketing, Melià Hotels International


10.10 Building A Travel Social Media Playbook: Stay Ahead Of The Curve With Platform Updates, User Trends, Cutting-Edge Content & Innovative Social Media Strategic Planning

  • Mastering social media engagement: effective low-budget, high-impact social media tactics to drive meaningful interactions, build brand awareness and increase bookings
  • Social media as a strategic powerhouse and a search engine: rethink your approach to social media to amplify visibility and access, complementing traditional search channels with dynamic engagement
  • User generated vs branded content: compare audience reactions to the content cornerstones to guide your decision on the most effective approach for your brand
  • What are the resources needed to run effective social media strategies which see strong customer engagement and a tangible ROI?


Amy Tumelty, Head of Social Media, Aer Lingus

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking 


11.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


Panel Q&A

11.30 Charting The Course – Navigating Social Media’s Ever-Evolving Landscape To Remain Relevant, Inspire Travel Purchasing & Increase Your Branding In The Public Sphere

  • Algorithm updates, platform updates, new channels, ad and data legislation… what has changed in the world of social media in the last few months? What is next?
  • Expand your horizons! Exploring the new frontiers and emerging platforms that are redefining the social media landscape
  • Moving beyond engagement: unveiling innovative approaches and next level tactics to drive deeper connections and meaningful interactions
  • Trend spotlight! Identifying key trends and predictions shaping the future of social media marketing, and how to capitalise on them


Laura Kaye, Global Social Media Director,

Christopher Robinson, Regional Director, Marketing, Digital & Loyalty, Premium & Select – UKI & Western Europe, Marriott

Cat Jordan, Communications Director, Travelzoo

 Rufino Pérez, Board Member, Chief Operations Officer & Global Transformation Leader, Minor Hotels Europe & Americas

Tom Baker, Social Content Lead, Holiday Extras

Paul Oates, Head of Performance Marketing, Sykes Holiday Cottages

Sean Rooney, Senior Influencer & Digital Marketing Manager, HolidayPirates Group


12.00 Star Power! Harness The Power Of Influencers To Share Exclusive Insights Into Your Destinations, Attract Prospective Tourists & Optimise Brand-Influencer Collaborations To Maximise Their Impact

  • How do your customers feel about #ad and #gifted posts? To what extent are influencers actually influencing engagement and purchasing and how does this evolve across different customer segments?
  • They become the face of your business: refine your influencer collaboration selection process
  • Treading the line between aspirational content and real experiences – uncover strategies for crafting authentic narratives that foster loyalty and drive conversions
  • Capitalise on influencers’ sway to convert with captivating, collaborative content which drives purchasing decisions


Sean Rooney, Senior Influencer & Digital Marketing Manager, HolidayPirates Group


12.20 Unleashing The Power Of TikTok To Elevate Your Travel Brand & Create Engagement & Influence Bookings

  • Entertainment, search engine, rating tool… unlocking the potential and exploring the unique features that set TikTok apart from other platforms
  • Great content but not on their FYP? Cracking the algorithm code and ensuring your content is seen and heard by the right people at the right time and maximise your TikTok performance
  • Content is key! Discovering the secrets to what is keeping your customers captive and creating compelling content that resonates with your audience
  • Bottom line contributions: how can we attribute TikTok efforts to customer acquisition and bookings?


Laura Kaye, Global Social Media Director,

12.40 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.10 Informal Breakout Discussions


A) Staycations

Phillip Allsop, Managing Director, Classic British Hotels & Resorts

B) Instagram

C) Video

D) Facebook

E) OTA Strategy

Joost van der Sande, Retail Strategy Director, Air France-KLM

F) Luxury

13.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Flutra Hoxha, Sals & Marketing Manager, Mercure Prishtina City

Ben McNally, Director of Sales Marketing, Aimbridge Hospitality


13.50 Take Them On A Journey! Maximise Travel Customer Engagement With Captivating Content & Storytelling Which Sparks Imagination, Inspires Confidence In Your Packages & Drives Bookings

  • We’re in the business of memory making! Tapping into your customers’ emotional and aspirational drivers with evocative travel storytelling for holidays they can’t wait to book!
  • Breaking free from copywriting constraints: forge authentic connections through original content creation, UGC and the right influencer partnerships, navigating the evolving landscape of digital content with ingenuity and creativity
  • Be yourself and find your people! Dive deep into your brand DNA, leveraging its unique identity to sculpt a lasting content strategy infused with authenticity and purpose
  • Elevate your blend of video, photo and written content playbooks to complement one another and blend seamlessly for a digital experience which exudes the “book now” sentiment


Andrew Denton MBE, Director of Comms, Content & Brand, Best Western Hotels GB

14.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


Case Study

14.40 Exclusive Case Study With Tamur From Lufthansa Group

Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Lufthansa Group


15.00 Get Into The Customer Psyche: Leverage The Latest Customer Insights To Design Customer-First Marketing, Experiences & Journeys Which Tap Into The FOMO, Spark Bookings & Enhance Loyalty

  • Know your audience! Gain a deeper understanding of customer purchasing decisions and influences for a full-funnel marketing approach which captures every interest
  • Uprooting and elevating the customer experience – harness the power of digitalisation and automation to revolutionise the journey, ensuring seamless and memorable interactions
  • As the customer’s world has become busier with more channels, what are the decision-making performance markers which dictate channel choice, spend and strategy?
  • Health-check every touch point on the omni-channel journey: where do print, ads and other collateral sit alongside your social media, apps and digital media?
  • Beyond the holiday: crafting strategies to foster post-holiday engagement, solidify loyalty, and ensure the loop is closed to activate repeat business


Debbie Rhodes, Head of Customer Experience, Travel Counsellors

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Case Study

15.55 Exclusive Case Study With Giulio From Aeroporti di Roma

Giulio Ranucci, Head of Innovation, Digital & CVC, Aeroporti di Roma


Panel Q&A

16.15 Which Destinations Are Hotting Up & What Is Cooling Off Customers With The Very Latest Travel Trends: Fuel Innovation, Stay Ahead Of The Curve & Anticipate Future Developments

  • Staycations here to stay? Exploring the future of domestic vs international travel and working out how to maximise revenue from the staycation boom
  • Unveiling hidden gems: delving into emerging destinations and exotic experiences reshaping the travel landscape
  • The challenge of the cost-of-living crisis – with any travel becoming a luxury experience for many, what is it that customers want now? And how can we balance building value, while selling that luxury lifestyle feeling?
  • Authenticity, brand image, corporate values… how much are these factors influencing customer booking patterns?
  • Streaming ahead! From Netflix shows to social media, where are the very latest holiday and travel trends born… and how do we get in on the action?


Kristina Reynolds, Director, Destination Marketing, Hilton

Federica Cantarini, Global Sales Director UK & Scandinavia Luxury, Leisure, Lifestyle & Airlines, Hyatt

Mirco Vassallo, International Sales Director, Costa Crociere Spa

Marion Barrère, Curation Director, Mr & Mrs Smith

Clarissa Cappelletti, UK Country Manager, WeRoad

Andrew Crowe, Chief Operating Officer, Compare Ferries


16.45 Evidence Green Initiatives Progress & Brand Commitments To Build Credibility With Travel Consumers

  • Shout about success: how can you use sustainability progress in your marketing to appeal to customers who factor eco-credentials into their holiday purchasing decision making – while maintaining authenticity?
  • Authenticity vs greenwashing: which evidence will help differentiate between real action and superficial gestures, crafting a consistent and impactful message that radiates integrity?
  • How can the travel industry itself address sustainable initiatives in a way that achieves public credibility given the fundamental reliance on fossil fuels?
  • Carbon labelling, water consumption, fuel usage, emissions reduction… what are the right metrics to measure both positive contributions and negative impacts on the environment, guiding your brand towards responsible practices and informing your future roadmap?


Hazel McGuire, General Manager, UK & Ireland, Intrepid Travel


17.05 From Discovery To Web To Booking: Increase Bookings, Inspire Loyalty & Improve Experiences With Personalised Travel Marketing Strategies

  • Personalisation paradigm: the shift towards individualised experiences in the digital age, how can we capture sentiment via data to improve experiences and trigger purchasing?
  • Achieve more sophisticated personalisation with dynamic creative that makes sense to avoid over-targeting existing customers or wasting ad spend on the wrong customer
  • Do more with less data: how to achieve customised services while remaining compliant with updated data protection legislation and customer privacy
  • Data deep dive! Learning to utilise customer data effectively to deliver tailored experiences that drive results


Tim van den Bergh, Chief Commercial Officer, Sunweb Group

17.25 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.30 Official Close Of Conference